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All Hart County Jail inmates shall be entitled to Health Care comparable to that available to citizens in the surrounding community. Medical Care at the facility shall be delivered under the direction of a Licensed Physician and through the use of trained Health Care Personnel. Inmates will request medical, dental, and psychiatric care by completing the Medical Request Form.

I will reimburse Hart County Jail for any medical expense that I incur while incarcerated in the Hart County Jail. I understand that if I am indigent and unable to pay any cost I will still be treated. If I receive any funds at any time during my incarceration in the Hart County Jail my inmate account will be debited to pay this indebtedness. All Inmates shall advise Deputies/Medical Staff if they are allergic to any medication(s). Ex: aspirin, IBUs, etc. Inmates should never take medication(s) they are allergic to. If this medication is offered to you, you should refuse it. Inmates should never take medication(s) belonging to another inmate.


VISITATION: It is the police of the Hart County Jail to enable and encourage inmates to maintain contact with family and friends through regular visits. Sign in sheets will be put out the morning of.

Visitation days are Wednesday & Saturday - Hart County - Males 1:00 pm, Females 3:00 pm

Thursday & Sunday - Edmonson County - Males 1:00 pm, Females 3:00 pm and Saturday Morning - Stateside 9:00 am.

No Visiting a Co-defendant or any person you have a EPO/DVO against, or someone with a No Contact order.

No Vulgar language, no inappropriate clothing, no cell phones nor food or drinks.

A max of 5 people to see one inmate at a time.

Inmates may correspond with each other in this facility and other correctional facilities if Jailer approves. Letters from attorney's, courts or other public officials will not be read by detention officers. All mail will be inspected by a detention officer for contraband or anything which affects the safety and security of the Jail. Legal mail will be inspected for contraband in the presence of the receiving inmate.

Drawings, signs, symbols, etc are not permitted on outgoing envelopes.


TELEPHONE: It is the policy of the Hart County Jail to enable inmates to communicate with persons outside the Jail except where it interferes with jail order.
Newly admitted inmates will receive two five minute phone cards at time of booking. Each inmate shall have equal and adequate access to a telephone to maintain community ties and contacts with attorneys.

Pursuant to KRS Chapter 441 and Adopted by the Hart County Fiscal Court, As of April 1, 2001, The Hart County Jail will be charging Hart County Inmates a per diem of Thirty Dollars ($30.00) for an administrative processing/booking fee and a Twenty Dollar ($20.00) per day Housing Fee. Any Medical/Dental/Prescription charges will be assessed to the inmate.

ACCESS TO COURTS AND ATTORNEYS: The right of access to the courts is a fundamental right to all U.S. Citizens. Each inmate at the Hart County Jail shall have the right to choose their own attorney. If the inmate cannot afford one, one will be appointed for him/her by the court. Telephone calls to attorneys are to be a collect all.

If an inmate has a question concerning their court date they are to send in a request to the booking officer.

RELIGION: Every reasonable attempt shall be made by The Hart County Jail to facilitate the free religious exercise or religious beliefs of inmates. No Inmate at The Hart County Jail shall be discriminated against because of race or religion.

Inmates are allowed to practice their religion within limits necessary to maintain institutional order and security. All inmates have the opportunity to participate in religious services and to receive religious counseling in the Jail. Inmates are not required to attend or participate in religious services or discussions. The Inmate classification system does not allow discrimination or segregation based on race, color, creed or national origin.

GRIEVANCE: Any inmate shall be allowed to file a grievance at such time as the inmate believes he/she has been subject to Abuse, Harassment, Abridgment of Civil Rights, or denied privileges as specified in the posted rules.

PROPERTY: Any property unclaimed after thirty (30) days shall become the Jail's property. Any property mailed to, brought to, or found, in the possession of any inmate that is not listed on the Jail's permitted items list shall become the Jail's property and shall be donated, destroyed or discarded.

INMATE RULES, PRIVILGES AND RIGHTS: The following is a list of general rules that all inmates are required to follow in order to receive certain privileges.

  • Inmates are to wear their uniforms at all times unless going to the shower.
  • Lights out Sunday - Thursday at 10 pm and Friday - Saturday at 11 pm. Lights on at 5 am inmates must be up by 5:30 am until 6:30 am, all inmates must be up for breakfast and passing of meds, no laying down on bunks during this time, inmates can sit up but cannont lay down until 6:30 am.
  • Hot Pot must be kept unplugged Sunday - Thursday from 10 pm to 5 am and Weekends 11 pm - 5 am.
  • No sagging of clothing, no sunglasses or toboggans inside the building, no items hanging off bunks/racks.
  • Hours of recreation for stateside 8 am till dark, no recreation will go on during visitation times.
  • No beating on window unless emergency, Stay out of doors and windows, nor block the view of the cell or inmate from deputy.
  • No propping doors open, No writing on walls, No sitting on table tops, do not stop vents up to block air. Every inmate gets up to clean the cell.
  • When an inmate comes to the door for meds you must have water, medical does not carry Tylenol or IBU on cart if needed fill out a sick call, no charge for MOM, PEPTO, OR ANTI-DIARRHEA, but must fill out sick call.
  • An inmate cannot have anything on their head unless they are sleeping, Do not go into another inmate's cell.
  • Any inmate who damages or destroys any Jail property shall pay the Jail for that property. This may be deducted from incoming money brought to or mailed to an inmate.
  • The following personal hygiene items will be issued to inmates upon being lodged in the jail: soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and comb. After you have been placed in a cell, you may purchase these and other hygiene items on commissary. If you can prove that your are indigent, the jail will provide the hygiene items to you.
  • Inmates are not to talk in the hallways, no physical contact between inmates, no passing items into any cell or giving items to another inmate. No tobacco products, lighters, matches or cigarette papers will be allowed in the Jail. You may be charged.

Privileges will be given to inmates if the above mentioned rules are followed. These include TV, telephone and commissary. Any violations may result on suspension of all privileges. These rules are not designed to punish anyone, they are designed to keep the area in which you stay safe, neat and clean as possible.

  • Tobacco - 10 days isolation 1st offense, 30 days isolation 2nd offense, 60 days isolation 3rd offense.
  • Contraband - 30 days isolation 1st offense, 60 days isolation 2nd offense, up to 1 year isolation 3rd offense and charges will be added.
  • Drugs or Alcohol - 30 days isolation 1st offense, 60 days isolation 2nd offense, up to 1 year isolation for state and county inmates also you will face new charges.
  • Fighting - 20 days isolation 1st offense, 30 days isolation 2nd offense, 60 days isolation 3rd offense.
  • Low Class Violation - 5 day isolation 1st offense, 10 days isolation 2nd offense. The following wrong acts are: extra tray, water bags, smarting off to a deputy, minor horseplay, talking to inmates while in the hall, talking in church, laughing and cutting up. Do not try to over ride another deputy or anything that is deemed to be Low Class Violation.
  • High Class Violation - 60 days isolation 1st offense, 90 days isolation to 1 year isolation 2 offense, charges may be added thru county attorney. The following wrong acts are: anything that can be used as a weapon, assaults on a guard, major horseplay, anything PREA originated, stealing, tattoo materials, no cell phones, holding back medications, writing on walls, inflicting on oneself or others, faking injuries or illness, damaging facility property or anything that is deemed to be High Class Violation.
(1) Pair of oranges (1) Bowl
(3) T-Shirts (1) Cup
(2) Thermal Outfits (1) Spoon
(1) Sweatshirt (1) Pair of Sweatpants
(5) Pair of boxers/panties (3) Bras
(5) Pair of socks (5) Pictures no bigger than 4x6
(3) White T-Shirts no silky material (1) Pair of Tennis Shoes
(5) Pair of Underwear (1) Pair of Work Boots
(1) Jacket

(1) Bowl

(6) Pair of Socks (1) Cup
(3) Pair of Insulated Underwear (3) Pair of Plain Pants/Jeans
(2) Hooded or Regular Sweatshirts (5) Pictures no bigger than 4x6
(3) Long Sleeve Shirts (1) Pair of Sweatpants no silky material, will melt in dryer
(1) Cap or Hat (2) Pair of shorts cotton only
(1) Plain MP3 no video, camera, or radio. (1) Toboggan (for outside use only)
(1) Pair of Coveralls (1) Belt
(1) Bowl must be microwavable

(1) Cup

Watch and Wedding Band only (value must be under $20) (1) Handkerchief
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